EduCraft® Crazy Critter
These cute critters
seem to hug the photos
they frame! Includes
wooden frames, precut
wooden circles, wiggly
eyes, yarn, non-toxic
glue and acrylic paint,
brushes and a FREE
EduCraft® Guide with

EduCraft® Puzzle Piece Frames
Here's a unique collage activity
for framing favorite pictures or
photos. Kids use the non-toxic
washable markers to color the
28 puzzle pieces and then glue
them to the cardboard frame in a
creative pattern. Includes a
FREE EduCraft® Guide with
instructions. Frame 5-1/2
square; picture opening 2 1/4 x

Picture Frame Activity Pack
Start with 5-3/4 x 7-3/4
cardboard frames and
decorate like crazy! We've
included some spectacular
trims: glitter pompons, Color
Splash!® Magic Sticker Glue,
fluff feathers, assorted sequins
and plastic mosaic tiles. Photo
opening measures 3-1/4 x
Magnetic Frames
Includes magnetic
frames, brushes, paint
and instructions. 3-1/2" x
Flower Power Whistle Necklace
These groovy beaded necklaces are
sure to delight the girls in your group
with their retro-design flower stickers
and hot colors! Real working whistles
let them announce out loud, 'I'm proud
to be a girl!' Includes 1-3/4" x 3/4"
whistles in translucent neon colors with
matching cords, mini flower stickers,
pearlescent flower pony beads and
instructions. Necklace length: up to 36".
Flower Frames©. Glittery
silk flower petals add a
beautiful touch to this
magnetic frame. Add a
picture to the 2" x 2"
frame and it makes a
wonderful present to
hang on the refrigerator.
Approximately 6-1/2"D.
Foam Shape Necklace
Kids will recognize all their
favorite shapes, including
stars, cars and more as they
string them together for an
necklace/conversation piece!
Makes a long, adjustable 42"
necklace, 10" L decorated
portion, with 1"D foam
Sand Bottle Necklaces
Sand Bottle Necklaces. Kids
have never seen a sand art
project like this before! Not only
will they get to make colorful,
multi-layered sand creations in
cute teddy bear and heart
bottles; they can wear their
finished projects as necklaces.
A fun two-in-one activity.
Includes teddy bear and heart
bottle necklaces, assorted
colors of fine terrarium art sand
and instructions.
All American Shades
Enjoy creating these 'cool'
shades for the summer.
Made of white plastic, each
has its own personal
billboard to decorate. Also
includes permanent
markers, sequins, precut
vinyl shapes, jumbo chenille
stems and wiggly eyes.
More arts and craft projects
available. If you have a theme or an
activity you would like, please email
or call us to see what we have