Arts and Crafts

All kits come with EVERYTHING you need to
complete the project!!!!! Glue, paint, beads,
whatever it takes to complete the project, it
is in the kit!!!

This is a small sample of the items we carry
If you have a theme or an arts and crafts
project in mind (for example frames, or
sports, etc) please email or call us and we
will let you know what is available

Cloud Climbers - Wooden Toy
Air Planes
Kids or clients will love to
personlize these high-flying
planes. These balsa wood
gliders come with crayons and
a FREE guide with
instructions. Cloud Climbers
have an 8" wingspan
Catch The Fish Tail
Catch The Fish Tail. This
brilliantly colored fish makes
hanging. This fun pack Catch
paper, brushes and

Educraft® Scholastic
Tambourine Craft Kit.
Your FREE hands-on
Scholastic Guide includes fun
songs and projects that
integrate tambourines into
creative art, dance and even
math activities
Aloha Leis
Aloha Leis. Welcome friends
with colorful leis that are fun
and easy to make. Bright
paper flower shapes string
Includes precut heavy
sulphite construction paper
flowers, plastic lacing, large
plastic beads and
instructions. 3" flowers; lei
size adjustable.
Collage Containers Craft Kit
Create imaginative
collage-covered containers for
storing pencils and pens.
Decoupage finish acts as a
glue and sealer in one.
Includes cardboard tubes and
circles, tissue paper strips,
non-toxic decoupage finish,
brushes, design ideas and
instructions. 6" x 3-1/4".
Ice Cream Soda Magnets
Ice Cream Soda Magnets.
These refreshing ice cream
soda magnets even have
glitter sprinkles! Includes
plastic cups, magnetic tape,
assorted pompons,
craftstraws, non-toxic glue
and fine line markers, red
pony beads, glitter, fiberfill
and instructions. 1" x 3".
EduCraft® Colorlite Stained Glass
You won't believe the spectacular
results of this simple paper
project. Your FREE EduCraft®
Guide contains wonderful
cross-curricular activities such as
stained and clear glass windows
and researching the history of
stained glass. Includes non-toxic
glue, assorted tissue paper,
precut construction paper and
instructions. Size: 9 x 12.
Shake, Rattle and Rain
Feathered rattles add
Native American rhythm to
dances and cere monies.
Includes craftboard tubes
and circles, dowels, beads,
lacing, feathers, non-toxic
glue and acrylic paint,
brushes and instructions.
12"L x
1-5/8" diameter.
Catch-It Cones Craft Kit
Fun-filled toss-and-catch toy
challenges hand and eye
coordination. Includes heavy
cardboard cones, assorted
yarn, white craft foam balls,
non-toxic paint and glue,
brushes and instructions.
Twirly Pinwheels
Easy to make, with magic
results. Make a pinwheel from
a vinyl sheet and a dowel.
Paint with transparent colors.
Amazing and fun results!
Includes vinyl sheets,
permanent black marker,
non-toxic glass stain, brushes,
pins, balsa wood dowels,
beads, wire and instructions.
3-D Fishbowls
Dazzling, dimensional sea
creatures look cool and
splashy with neon-bright paint
and special 3-D foam buttons.
Fun and easy to make with
precut shapes! Approx. 9" x
Rubber Band Race Cars
On your mark, get set, go!
Assemble, paint and race
these sporty wooden race
cars. Kit includes unfinished
wood car, paints, brushes and
instructions. All it takes is a
twist of a rubber band motor
and you're off! Hold your own
race car derby. 5-1/2" x 3".
They will become kings
and queens of far away
lands when they place
these ornately-decorated
foam crowns upon their
closure. All materials
included. 23" x 3-1/4".
Colorlite® Kaleidoscope
Craft Kit
Feast your eyes on our latest
Colorlite craft. Turn the disc
and enjoy the show! The
safe, triangular plastic
mirrors inside reflect
spectacular patterns.
Everything included!
Musical Rainbows Wind Chime Craft Kit
Musical Rainbows Craft Kit. Wind
chimes to paint and assemble.
Includes acetate rainbows, capiz shells
(colors may vary), non-toxic stained
glass paint, brushes, nylon thread,
patterns and instructions. 6" x 9".
Color-Me Puzzles Junior
Set includes fine line
markers and instructions.
5-1/2 x 8. 12-piece.
Personalized Pop It Pins
Plastic fronts and backs
make it easy to create
customized pins. Let them
color button blanks to
illustrate their hobbies,
pets, families... or even add
a photo! 2-1/4"D.
Big Mouth Bullfrogs
This easy, success-oriented project is
sure to be a hit with even the youngest
members of your group. Kit includes
tissue paper, paper plates, party
horns, cardboard circles, non-toxic
glue and crayons and instructions.